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"I have been incredibly impressed with Joanne! She has put together the paper work for mortgages and lines of credit for me in record timing. She has also served many of my friends and helped them get much better rates then other lenders!"
Benjamin and Charlene Vandenbrink

"When making enormous life decisions it helps to speak to someone with extensive experience. A few months ago the purchase of our new home required just that. Joanne provided insightful, thorough, and timely advice when we were considering our second home. Rock-solid counsel and swift action made the process painless. We always felt like we were in good hands. Many thanks, Joanne,"
Daryl & Birgit Sam

"So recently I went through some life altering events, one of which was buying a house. Being as inexperienced and as busy as I am, I struggled with how I was going to approach this particular major event. Luckily for me I have a friend named Joanne Dusterhoft. I wasn't sure how or even if she would be able to help me but I thought she was a good place to start. I had no idea that I was about to get the support of a lifetime. Without getting into too much detail, you Joanne, have made my life a lot easier and I can't begin to thank you enough. I now own my house and am enjoying it to the fullest. Joanne, not only did you help me buy a house, but you got me the best rates out there, and you introduced me to bankers and lawyers that were extremely helpful and personable. Thank you Joanne, you will never know how much your help has meant to me."
Stuart Sutherley

"I got Joanne's number through a mutual friend and gave her a quick text to let her know that my husband and I were first time homebuyer's and we needed some help. My husband and I were on a whirlwind kick of finding a house almost immediately and wanting to jump on it. With a baby due to arrive in just 2 months, we wanted to get into the house before she would be born! Joanne gave us the number to an excellent Real Estate Agent and helped us get in. Within 2 days, we had an accepted offer and a mortgage approval. My husband and I had found a house! We couldn't have done it without her. She didn't know us but she knew this was important to us and she worked hard, fast and diligently. She went above and beyond to get us our quick approval and was amazing to work with! She was friendly, persistent, knowledgable and understanding throughout it all! I highly recommend working with Joanne if you need a mortgage! We will for sure be coming back with anything we need in the future! Thank you for making our dreams come true!"
Cassandra & Reg Rivett

"Joanne We both want to thank you for all your hard work and excellent service that you have provided to us. It was great to be able to reconnect with you on this new purchase as we were both very happy with the service we received last time as well as for this one. It has been a pleasure to work with you and if we know of anyone looking to purchase we will most definitely recommend them to speak with you first. Again, thank you very much"
Bonnie and Rene

"Buying my first place was a very scary decision for me. I was unsure if I really wanted to do it, but most of all I didn't know anything about buying a home. Joanne was extremely patient with me, and gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision. Most of all Joanne was honest with me in terms of what I needed to do to be able to make my dream of owning a home happen. Every step of the way Joanne provided me with up dates on rates, and was able to help over come my fears. I am so grateful, and appreciate all she has done to make my dream come true. Joanne you are wonderful, you know your stuff, and your customer service is outstanding. Thank you so much!"
LeRae Jacob

"Joanne, I want to thank you for all your time and effort in in helping me with my first home. After being left in the dark by the bank for over 3 weeks and not knowing where to turn you had me pre approved for an affordable mortgage the first time we met. When we first got in touch it was after 5 one evening and my realtor suggested I give you a call to ask for advice, you were in the realtors office with answers to all of my questions 20 minutes later and I was pre approved that night. When I did find a house and it came time to fill out the mortgage papers you were on the ball and walked me through every step of the way. I have not heard of another mortgage broker that will answer your emails at 7:00am and again at 10:00pm. When do you sleep? You are incredibly knowledgeable and efficient all while making your clients feel like they are a priority. I will be recommending you to anyone I know looking into a mortgage. Many thanks!"
Kayla Puhov

"My husband and I are so grateful to have had Joanne as our mortgage specialist. We began consulting Joanne over a year prior to actually requiring a new mortgage. We found we needed a bit more time before we felt comfortable purchasing a larger home, but Joanne was incredibly understanding. By the time we were ready for her services she was so well organized that she still had our information and was able to get the ball rolling fast. Any questions or concerns we had, Joanne answered quickly and broke it down so even I could understand. :) Thank you for everything Joanne, you're the best!!"
Matt & Kate Romphf

"A huge shout out to Joanne for everything she did for us during our house buying process. She went over and above to get us the best rate and the quickest service. She was even working on our file well into the wee hours of the night and on her mini vaccay just to get it all done for us. When we went to sign papers at the bank yesterday, it was the lowest interest rate the banker had seen. She said she had a pile of mortgages on her desk and ours was by far the best rate. Joanne is amazing and we will be referring her to everyone we know. We will definitely be going back to her when it is time to renew our mortgage. Thank you so much Joanne Your new and forever clients K&P"
Paul & Kathleen Swanson

"Joanne was a rock star. She made a complex process easy and made my house purchasing experience great. I was living in Red Deer and she made the distance between us a non-issue. I would highly recommend talking to Joanne before even considering a bank. She will find you the best rate and make sure you are getting the best rate even before you take possession. Thanks Joanne for making it happen! Your can do attitude makes moving less stressful and allows one to focus on just moving their stuff(which as any experienced mover knows is brutal in itself)!!!"
Jesse Smith

"We just want to say THANK YOU for helping us acquire our mortgage, this was the first time we have ever used a mortgage broker and It was such a good experience, if it wasn’t for you we would not be moving into our new home on July 18th. You truly put your whole heart in getting the best results possible for your clients. After May 3rd and losing everything we cherished in the Fort McMurray wildfire we never thought this would be possible but with your experience, guidance and hard work we can now begin again. Going forward we will be strongly referring our friends and family to you as a Mortgage Broker that gets the job done and they will receive the best results possible. Thanks Again!!"
Earl & Karlene Blackburn

"Hi Joanne, thanks very for your help again. Tracy and I really benefited from your knowledge and leverage. We got a great deal."
Jim Hau & Tracy Palidwor

"It was my first mortgage and Joanne made it very simple considering I had no clue what I was doing. She was very fast at taking care of things and took the time to call me back to answer my questions clearly so I had the confidence that I was making the right decision. I highly recommend anyone I talk to about her services and I will continue too. Thanks Joanne!!!"
Barry Tebb

"I've worked with Joanne twice now and both time she was absolutly phenomenal. Joanne is friendly and approachable and made buying a house significantly less stressful and therefore more enjoyable. She truly had our best interests at heart and I look forward to working with her in the future. Joanne you are awesome!!"
Melissa Derkson

"Buying a new home and applying for a mortgage can seem daunting, but Joanne walked us through the process with ease. We had peace of mind knowing that she was looking for the best rates. She really did an awesome job of communicating with us to let us know what documents we needed to send her and how the process was coming along. Once we made an offer; she had us approved in only a few days. The best part was being able to do this via email and phone conversations. Thank you for making this a pleasant experience for my husband and I!"
Nathan & Colleen Decary

"Dealing with Joanne for my first mortgage was an awesome experience! She took all of the stress out of being a first time home buyer! Thank you Joanne for your help!"
Leah Cherrington

"She found me a great mortgage rate that lowered my payments significantly. The process was smooth and easily taken care of."
Michelle Zerbin

"Joanne has been absolutely wonderful every step of the way during the process of buying our first home. She is extremely helpful, was available to us at all hours, and truly had our best interests at heart. She made the mortgage approval process easy to understand and I trust her entirely. Thank you for all your efforts Joanne, you are simply the best!"
David & Christine Fair

"We were recommended Joanne from Homexx and she has been brilliant with our entire application. Having been in Canada for 8 months, having no credit rating and my husband having limited credit rating she still managed to get us a mortgage. We didn’t have a clue how things worked here and Joanne went through everything step by step. I would highly recommend anyone I talk to about her services."
Ben and Lisa Carley

"We were referred to Joanne through mutual friends. She is absolutely amazing. She is always there to answer any questions we have, since we are currently buying our first house and this entire experience is very new to us. So very thankful to Joanne for helping us through this entire process :)"
Erin Sytnick & Kevin Squance

"Thanks a lot for all your help Joanne. You made the process of getting a mortgage very simple. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I come across."
Bret Whitney

"Joanne is amazing. I would highly recommend her. We are so very excited to move into our new home this March. Appreciate all your help."
Joanne Bendera

"I am so incredibly grateful to have had the chance to work with Joanne on the purchase of my first home. She made the process more than stress free and constantly went over and above to make sure I never had a moment of panic. I can only hope to work with her again on my next purchase in the years to come! Truly a wonderful experience."
Angelina Boychuk

"My husband and I are so very thankful for Joanne! She was so unbelievable to work with and kept in contact with us every step of the way! We would recommend any one of our closest friends or family to her. We can't say enough about how awesome of an experience we had! Definitely will be back to work with Joanne for our next home. Thank you!!"
Breanna Gibb

"Thanks to Joanne's dedication, expertise, professionalism and knowledge my husband and I were able to purchase our very first home for our family here in Canada. Having lived for over 30 years abroad, the purchase of a home here was a bit overwhelming: procedures, terminology....all was new! Joanne was amazing, answering all our questions, reassuring us of how things works here. We absolutely appreciate the 'hand holding' and can't thank her enough for all she did for my family. Second to none, she is and I totally recommend Joanne to everyone I know. Thank you Joanne!"
Paulo & Edith

"Joanne has made purchasing a home such a stress free and enjoyable process. She has gone above and beyond. From answering emails near midnight and phone calls at all hours of the day. I recommend Joanne to anyone and wouldnt hesistate to use her again in the future. Thank you so much for all your hard work. You have been absolutely phenominal and we appreciate everything you have done for us. Best wishes to you and everyone you love this holiday season."
Colleen Adolf

"Joanne is the third mortgage specialist that my husband and I have ever dealt with and by far she is the best! She has made this whole process so easy and has explained everything so clearly. She always answered my questions promptly. I would not hesitate to refer Joanne to my family and friends or to anyone looking for a mortgage specialist. Thank you Joanne for helping us out!!"
Suzanne Fortin

"We are beyond grateful for having Joanne help us with getting a mortgage. We were a very hard case from the start and Joanne was amazing. I rave about her to everyone that will listen and will only ever suggest her to everyone we meet looking for a mortgage broker. She works her butt off for you! She is top class."
Randy & Erin Leverington

"A HUGE thank you to Joanne for helping me with finding the right mortgage so that I could buy my home! I had a million questions and a few moments of panic but she helped me through it all! I'm loving my new home and so are my children! We are happy to finally have a place we can call home."
Shelly Wangler

"A HUGE thank you to Joanne for helping me with finding the right mortgage so that I could buy my home! I had a million questions and a few moments of panic but she helped me through it all! I'm loving my new home and so are my children! We are happy to finally have a place we can call home."
Shelly Wagner

"Thanks to our awesome mortgage broker Joanne Dusterhoft for getting us another awesome rated locked in for five years and all of her great service, care, and knowledge! If you need a mortgage broker, look no further! You will be in great hands!"
Travis & Mindy Fossum

"Joanne was always very professional and patient dealing with us as first time home buyers. She is super efficient and worked very hard to ensure we got the best rate with a quality lender. Since we were out of town, we did all of the paperwork via a series of emails and text messages, never even had to make a trip into an office! Great service, we will be recommending her to anyone we know of that needs a broker."
Raymond Woof

"Working with Joanne is always such a pleasure and a wonderful experience. I was recently was representing buyers in a purchase of a home. They wanted to use their mortgage broker of choice; we had weeks of headaches, hurdles and overall a VERY STRESSFUL time. I encouraged them to move to Joanne to get the deal done. It was STRESS FREE, ENJOYABLE AND THE DEAL WAS DONE WITHIN DAYS. Joanne really came through for such a wonderful family and I can not thank her enough! WHY USE THE REST WHEN YOU CAN USE THE BEST!!!"
Victoria Bachor Logic Realty

"Joanne was awesome!! She was very helpful and answered all my questions! And very fast to respond! I would recommend Joanne in a heart beat! Thanks for making my first home buying experience an excellent one!!"
Mandy Stadnyk

"Availability: You were always available to speak to us no matter what time of the day it was. You returned emails within the hour and always made us feel like we were a priority. Knowledge: You were so knowledgeable about rates and financing and made us feel so comfortable in trusting you. Clay and I don't trust easily and with a husband who has 8 tabs on his budget spreadsheet, it was a relief for us to trust someone who was so knowledgeable about numbers and 800 different potential scenarios. Overall experience: We have nothing negative to say. And I'm quick to judge about everything! Thank you for making this the most painless and enjoyable process for us. At a time where stress levels can reach new heights you managed to keep us constantly in the loop and informed about updates to our files, and what the best financial options were for us. From the bottom of my tippy-toes, thank you! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!"
Clayton & Mariel Kleparchuk

"Loved working with Joanne. She was extremely quick at getting things done. If you have a question she responds as quick as possible. She definitely works hard for you. I would recommend her to everyone before they went to a bank. Her rates are very good as well. Thanks so much on everything you have done so far. Happy to be working with you in tbe future."
Ryan Smith

"Joanne was amazing! She got us our dream house! She is efficient and great at what she does. Thank you Joanne!!"
Bill and Megan Cummins

"Joanne has been fabulous! As a first time home buyers who stepped into this pretty well blind she lead us though and showed us the ropes. So quick and knowledgeable. We could not have done it without you Joanne. Thanks :)"
Kelly O'Leary

"She was great! Didn't even need to drive in there once! She helped us buy a house - our first home! When we had questions she was so helpful. Thanks Joanne!"
Ahnika Boyd-Sharman

"Thanks for all your help, you always pull through for us and we are very grateful."
Jon & Lenora

"My husband and I were really not pleased with our dealings with the banks when trying to get our mortgage. I decided I'd had-it with the way things were going and decided to call Joanne. I called a realtor who had highly recommended her to get her contact info. Sure enough she wasted no time in getting us prepared. She was there every step of the way until the deal was sealed. Joanne, I will absolutely send referrals your way if I know of someone in the market...Thank you...we are enjoying the space that we call home!!!"
Simone Kirk

"Joanne is outstanding! I feel so lucky to have found her as a mortgage broker. She is experienced, knowledgeable, and gets things done. She took the time to explain the process, why we needed certain documents and then she let us know what was happening with our file as the process moved forward. At no point where we left wondering “why or where is the file,” which was so important to us, it’s a big step purchasing a home and knowing that your finances are in the right hands is vital to completing a purchase. I have now complete 2 mortgages through Joanne and would highly recommend her anyone. Her response time is outstanding and her professionalism is one of a kind. Thank you Joanne for all your hard work, it is much appreciated!"
Chessie Clark

"Joanne has helped with renegotiating our mortgage as well as our new home purchase recently. She is a great communicator and excellent to work with!"
Dan Station

"Defiantly knows what she is talking about! Joanne was a miracle worker in helping my boyfriend and I achieve our first mortgage for our first home. She got the bad taste out of our mouth from our previous broker and made it a much smoother process and will stop at nothing to help you out! She was an absolute joy to work with and i would highly recommend her for any mortgage needs thanks again Joanne!"
Sydney Moskalyk

"We worked with Joanne 8 years ago with our first mortgage, when we renewed and again with our new home. She's fast, friendly and gets the best rates. Whenever I had a question or concern she had an answer for me right away. Most of all she's honest and gives you all the facts. We will definitely be working with her again!"
Matt & Jenn Brymer

"Appreciate your cooperation and assistance to complete this job and finalize in a professional way. The only word I would say " You have excellent professional expertise" You have good techniques to tackle the tough situation where client demands are met in a nice way and also you please your lenders as well. I have good experience and less hassle working with you."
Mohammad Babar & Shazia Zaryab

"Just finished up our 1st mortgage using a broker and Joanne went above and beyond to get us a rate our bank of 15 years wouldn't touch. She communicated all the information we needed ahead of time and ensured we closed the deal on time. We had some challenges that Joanne assisted with on both ends to seal the deal. Thanks for all your help Joanne it was much appreciated."
Nathan & Sabrina Cadieux

"Extremely pleased with the help that we received. Joanne made buying our first home very relaxing and very straight forward . She answered all of our questions and is always willing to help us with anything that we need. We would recommend Joanne again and again!"
Brandon Pelz

"Working with Joanne for the second time was a stress free from the start especially when the result was a huge success it made us feel like we are on cloud nine for the second time. Thank you so much for making it possible for us. Looking back five years ago as a first time home buyer it was a dream come true already for us and now with all your help we got another one which was more than what we expected. Thank you so much and we will definitely recommend you and hopefully we can thank you in person. God bless and hoping you can be able to help more families like us who wants to fulfill their dreams and turn into a reality."
Zara Tapales Solana

"The experience of trying to figure out my financial matters while going through all of the uncertainties during a period of separation & divorce are not very pleasant, and proved very stressful. I can say that dealing with Joanne Dusterhoft @ Mortgage Architects this last few months gave me a sense of clarity and hope. Joanne was very professional and knowledgeable and provided me with excellent & quick service. I would highly recommend Joanne for anyone looking for a new residential mortgage."
Sheldon Kremlicka

"Joanne has helped me with several mortgage products over the years, her advice and straight forward approach, as well as her attention to providing a personalized service have always been appreciated. This past January she went absolutely above and beyond. We were trying to purchase another property, combine two households, get a quick sale of the home, AND go on vacation all at the same time. Because time was of the essence on the deal, she jumped right in. Not only did she use her outstanding talents, industry contacts and superb knowledge, she kept us up to date on progress, the entire time. The deal went through smoothly & we cannot wait to move into our new home! Joanne, you are amazing at what you do, we will continue to use your services for all our mortgage and financing needs! We have, and will continue to recommend you to everyone! Thank you so much!"
Nikki & Colin St. Albert AB

"I truly appreciated the fact that you were willing to work so rapidly considering the tight deadline that was at hand. Your patience behind working with the information that I was able to provide was outstanding. I was really impressed with the fact that on the Thursday you found one rate and by the Monday you found a lower rate. The fact that you paid attention to ensure I got the lowest rate possible was perfect! Thank you for everything. You truly made this process easier than it has been for me in the past with other home purchases."
Dee Boyd

"Hi Joanne, I must say that our experience in getting a mortgage from you was much easier than trying to deal with Scotia Bank. Everything happened very fast and seamlessly. I did not have to constantly call for updates on the simplest things. You were very friendly, willing to answer questions and very fast in responding. It was also very surprising that you called twice to tell me that our rate had been lowered. If I had to sum up the experience in one word..... Painless. Thanks for all your help."
John Kramps

"Thank you for all you your help. You made the experience nice and easy, you were always easy to get a hold of and always there to answer questions. I am happy the way everything went."
Kim & Shane

"Joanne, We really appreciated your help through the whole home-buying process. You were able to get us a fantastic rate with a great mortgage company. We also appreciated that you dealt directly with our realtor and lawyer to ensure information got to everyone in a timely manner. We will certainly be recommending you to our friends and family."
Mike & Lisa Mackell

"Joanne, I have to tell you, how you helped me on such a short notice, was truly phenomenal!! I am very pleased with your service and will do my best to send clients your way!! Thank you soooooo much!"

"I just wanted to say thanks again for all your help getting a mortgage."

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